1. SBU Heartbleed Bug Information

    SBU Heartbleed Bug Information

    Stony Brook University’s SOLAR system, PeopleSoft system, Google Apps for Education, and Blackboard systems are not affected by this vulnerability. Services accessed using your Stony Brook NetID and password are not affected by this vulnerability. In addition, SUNY Research Foundation (RF) systems are not affected.

    via Heartbleed Bug Information.

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  2. "There was big news in the computer security world yesterday when researchers announced a massive vulnerability in popular web encryption software called OpenSSL."

  3. colecamplese:

    This looks like a great workshop being run by the amazing Jim Groom. While I think his Reclaim concept is very smart, I also think just moving towards a public online self via something like SB You is also of critical importance for our entire community. His notions are always pressing the edges and I never bet against him http://bavatuesdays.com/reclaim-your-workshop/


  4. Storify of the 2014 Teaching and Learning Colloquium

    Storify of the 2014 Teaching and Learning Colloquium

    I had an absolutely great day at my first Teaching and Learning Colloquium here at Stony Brook yesterday. I have more thoughts on the event that I intend to share when I have a little more time to tease them out, but for now here is a quick Storify recapof the day. Without the community contributing tweets and pictures I could not have assembled even this quick recap. I think that is evidence for…

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  5. emergentfutures:

    Apps Solidify Leadership Six Years into the Mobile Revolution

    Time spent on a mobile device by the average US consumer has risen to 2 hrs and 42 minutes per day from 2 hrs and 38 minutes per day in March of 2013. Apps continued to cement their lead, and commanded 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time, or 2 hrs and 19 minutes per day. Time spent on the mobile web continued to decline and averaged just 14% of the US mobile consumer’s time, or 22 minutes per day

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  6. "I was the scientific advisor to the film Island of Lemurs: Madagascar. I am Dr. Patricia C. Wright, professor at the Department of Anthropology, professor in the department of Anthropology at Stonybrook University & lemur lover. Ask me anything!"

  8. Vine adds messaging | The Verge

    Vine adds messaging | The Verge

    Vine has launched its own video messaging system today, which offers users a way to communicate beyond the comments that appear beneath videos. Employee Jason Mante teased the feature in a Vine earlier today, and now the update for Vines mobile apps has arrived. Vine says its the most significant update since the app launched early last year. Vine messages, or VMs as Vine calls them, can be sent…

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  9. "Gmail, in essence, revolutionized email and the web to come. They are the leaders in a purely online, consumer platform. So much that they played part in convincing Microsoft to look at cloud services. This competition and the encouragement of competition will develop the future higher ed technologies."

  10. "According to health IT expert Brian Ahier, an internal memo at BIDMC indicated that staffers are reacting with a mix of intrigue and skepticism to the Glass pilot, while patients seem to be fascinated or puzzled by Glass in the ER. One emergency department doctor, Steven Horng, told Ahier that there are advantages to the platform: In one case, Horng was dealing with a patient with a massive brain bleed. Glass automatically pushed the patient’s allergy information and medical regimen into Horng’s field of vision, which gave Horng critical extra time for reversing blood thinners that he might otherwise have spent turning to a laptop or notepad."